We started Boska's Teddies in 2006 out of our love for teddies. At Boska's Teddies we create all sorts of them.
Sad and happy, wise and silly teddies come out of here - for children and for adults young at heart.
Each one is original, unique and one of its kind.
We also offer other huggable creatures, bed warmers, accessories for the toddlers, start-up sets for beginner parents and a wide variety of children's clothing - all comfortable, designer, made with great attention to detail with the main theme being the teddy bear.
Since we already know that designing teddy bears, giving them shape and bringing them to life is something really fascinating we prepared special FINISH YOUR TEDDY sets for you - all in the do-it-yourself spirit. Anyone is able to put a teddy bear together from the parts we prepared!



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